Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Blingy or What!!!

I'm baaaaaaack!!! I haven't posted for a couple of days and as I am feeling a little guilty, I decided to post two cards today! I was out of town attending a Jann Arden concert and had a fabulous time so my mind wasn't on my card making at all! This first card is pretty blingy, no? I made it for an Anniversary card and it really is quite shiny in real life!! It's hard to tell, but the hearts are actually stacked with foam tape in between so the card is quite dimensional - I may have gone a schmad overboard with jewels - but hey - that's me!!!

This stamp is one of my favorites from Stampalicious - I love the little martini beside the tub!!! Well, if you are going to have a bubble bath, you NEED a martini as well, don't ya think!! The phrase is also very apropos' for the stamp image!! Thanks for looking in - have an awesome "rest" of the day!
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  1. Love the blingy heart card. What is the center heart? A charm? Stamped paper? It's beautiful :)

  2. Actually, Bon it is paper - yep, just a silver paper die cut!! Who knew !!!!

  3. I need to see that card!! It is awesome!!