Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Red Ribbon

Hey there - I don't know what it is about white on white, but I absolutely love it!!!! This card is also a Pinterest inspired work of art!! As I was perusing my stash, I noticed I have a bazillion (I'm not kidding) packages of pearls and bling - so I have a feeling that most everything posted in the near future is going to have some sort of bling embellishment!! I am trying to get all my projects wrapped up, all my house responsibilities cleaned up, and stay healthy, because our precious new grandson is arriving any time now and Gramma has to be ready to roll!!!!  So if you happen to see a lull in my posts, you will know ................he's here!!!! It is snowing like crazy here right now - that also has to go away before our little bundle of joy arrives!! (Gramma is a little nervous driving on the highways in adverse weather!!!) Have a busy day and thanks for looking in!!!

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